How credible is a large-scale introduction of Urban Agriculture in the future?

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      Urban agriculture is, simply said, the production of food crops within an urban area, ranging from vertical farming on skyscrapers to cropfields on top of the flat roofs of factory halls. With more than the half of global human population living within urban borders, there is a growing demand for recognisable, locally produced food. Not only this, but agricultural soil leads for an increased habitat loss of the ‘wild’, even estimated to account for 80% of tropical vegetation (1). To produce food locally within a city’s borders also makes its population less dependant of external areas, as it provides its own food security for fresh and healthy food.

      The advantages are clear, and I believe that controlling this agriculture issue may prove key to tackling a proportional part of the environmental crises we face at the moment – both climate change and the extreme loss of wild natural habitats. My question for you is, how could urban agricultural projects globally prevail? The government of Paris, the 9th biggest city on the European continent, has committed to planting 100 hectares of vegetation across the capital with one third of this devoted to urban agriculture, although this process is subsidized by the state. Another development in the city is the construction of the world’s largest urban farm, which is expected to start making a profit within its first year. The aim of the project is to create a model that is commercially viable, rather than having to rely on goodwill and subsidies, that will help urban farms to become sustainable in their own right (2).

      How do you think the future of urban agriculture will show off? Is the process inevitable, or is it an idealist’s dream? Is it credible that it will prove to be an economic success, or will it merely rely on goodwill? Can individual citizens make a change with small-scale farms, or does it mostly depend on the investment and willingness of large agricultural firms? And what will the role of non-urban farm be? Do you think urban farms can compete with them?

      1. Agriculture causes 80% of tropical deforestation (
      2. World’s largest urban farm to open – on a Paris rooftop | Cities | The Guardian

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      I think companies like urbancropsolutions could come a long way. we need some innovation and then we could produce all food just close to the city.

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