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Taha Adnan

Hi admin, nice to meet you too. I’m from India, I’ll be coming to italy in this September. I’ve got admission from Sapienza University of Rome for master’s program in Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering.
According to Paris Convention held in Dec 2015, under the leadership of UN, 196 countries have taken up a challenge to control Global warming. The aim is to allow not more than 2°C rise in global temperature by 2100 as compared to pre industrial revolution. But sadly, many major countries have violated that and there’s almost 0.5°C rise in Global Temperature already.
Let’s face it, global warming is real, it’s happening, and the humanity on a larger scale is failing to address and accept that.
The Netherlands is infact doing that better than Italy and many other nations in preventing flooding. Reducing the carbon footprint is the ultimate solution. If anyone is interested in discussing on that, I’m more than happy too. Green house gases are the actual culprits. Like CFC’s were responsible in 1976 for a hole in ozone layer.
Thank You.