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Taha Adnan

The frequent rise of water levels in Adriatic sea has been a problem to the historical city of Venice and it’s lagoons. The government has started a project called MOSE.
This project started in 2003 and is yet to be completed, almost 10 years lagging in schedule. Shelled out billions of euros.
This type problem is not only endemic to venice italy but Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Venice, The Netherlands, Thailand and many others.
A research published in Nature Communications shows that by 2100, the area now occupied by 200 Million people will be below sea level. Sadly the study assumes only a global average temperature increase of 2°C and does not take into account the possibility of accelerated ice sheet melting.
On Sundays 28th February an Iceberg named A74 about twice the size of The New York city broke and in the Weddell Sea.
Is there any way to device a Sustainable solution for this problem?